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Larger donations made by the Foundation in the last few years

   Dialysis Center
Sanatorinhos - Acao Comunitária
de Saúde
in Sao Paulo / Brazil
€ 250,000
   Lebenshilfe Bruchsal-Bretten e.V.
Opening of the CAP food center
in Graben-Neudorf in August 2006
€ 100,000
   Clinic at the Johann-Wolfgang Goethe-Universität
Frankfurt / Main
The top floor of the HIV department is to be extended.
€ 400,000

Smaller projects supported by the Edeltraut Blickle Foundation
Commitment under € 100,000

   Regenbogen Kindergarten
A new climbing frame has been built for the Regenbogen Kindergarten in Graben-Neudorf
   Schmiedeberg elementary school
Financial support was provided to help build the elementary school after the floods
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Board of Trustees
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